GPA & Final Exam Calculator 2.1


Calculate what you need on your final exam and calculate your GPA.

This app will calculate what score you need on your final exam in order to receive a certain grade in your course. It will also calculate your GPA! It will also SAVE your GPA for future calculations!

You will enter your grading scale for your school and these values will be used to tell you what you need on your final.
You have the option of using the +/- system when setting grading scale.

The final grade calculator has two options.
1) Calculate based on sections points values
(ex. if your homework is worth 200 points of total course points)

2) Calculate based on section percent values
(ex. if your homework is worth 20% of total course percentage)

You have the option of adding as many sections as needed. Like adding your other labs/midterms/quizzes etc...

For the GPA calculator you can enter as many courses as need as well as have the option to calculate your cumulative GPA. If you have calculated your GPA from previous terms, you can add this terms courses to that GPA value and calculate your current cumulative GPA.
You also have the option of how to weight your grade value points by thirds ('A-' = 3.33, 'B+' = 2.66), fourths('A-' = 3.25, 'B+' = 2.75), or you can now set your own CUSTOM WEIGHTS!

NEW!!! Ability to enter grades for term and then save that term for future calculations! Enter a term name and course names for easy reference later! See screenshots!

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